Uniform Circular Motion Prelab Assignment

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    1. A mass m is attached to a spring and whirled in a circle at constant speed in intergalactic space, far from any gravitating bodies. Draw a free-body diagram for the mass, labeling and describing all forces indicated.

    2. If the mass is 15 cm from the axis of rotation and makes 25 revolutions in 10 seconds, what is its speed in m/s?

    3. If m = 0.1 kg and the values in part (b) still hold, what are the numerical values of all forces in part (a)?

    4. If the 0.1 kg mass is suspended at rest from the same spring near the Earth's surface, the distance that the spring is stretched is measured to be 1.0 cm. What is the spring constant of the spring (remember the MKS units)?

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