Standing Waves Prelab Assignment

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  1. The diagram below shows a snapshot of a vibrating string taken at time t=0 seconds.

    1. What is the wavelength (value, not definition)?

    2. What is the amplitude (value, not definition)?

    3. If T is the period of oscillation, sketch a snapshot of the wave one half period later, at t=T/2.

  2. The next experiment consists of a tuning fork mounted to the lab bench, which vibrates a horizontal string that can be draped over a pulley and loaded with mass.

    The equation describing standing waves in a string under tension is

    where f is the linear frequency of oscillation, lambda is the wavelength of the vibrations, T is the tension in the string, and mu is the linear mass density of the string. Explain in detail how you would determine (using tools in the lab, and without using the formula):
    1. the wavelength of the vibrations

    2. the tension in the string

    3. the linear mass density of the string

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