More Propaganda Photographs

Electric Pickle
A pickle connected across 120 volts glows with yellow sodium light.

Styrofoam Fountain
One of my hands is on the van de Graaff generator. Bits of styrofoam in my other hand become charged alike and repel each other to form a styrofoam fountain.

van de Graaff
A student gets a charge out of electrostatics and the van de Graaff generator.

Bed of Nails 1
Lying comfortably on the bed of nails.

Bed of Nails 2
Professor Fred Olness breaks a cinder block on my chest with a sledge hammer.

Bed of Nails 3
The block was split in two.

Bed of Nails 4
"Look, Ma, no holes."

Tesla Coil 1
Fluorescent light tubes held close to the Tesla coil glow without a power source. A 2-inch purple spark jumps from the collector to a piece of metal held nearby.

Tesla Coil 2
Our tribute to "Star Wars". Use the Force, Fred.

Liquid Nitrogen Icecream
Yes, that's right -- we're making liquid nitrogen icecream again.

Photos by Hillsman S. Jackson, SMU Photographer

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