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Sophia Goreczky is a 17 year old junior at Plano West Senior High School -- like other Grand Prize winners at the Beal Bank Dallas Regional Science Fair, she was sponsored by Beal Bank to compete in the International Science Fair this year.

Her project, called "L.I.S.S.A. 2.0: Light Intensity and Sonar Sensing Assistant, Evolved" received a 4th place Grand Award at the international fair in the category of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering together with a $120,000 scholarship offer!

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After winning a Grand Prize at the Beal Bank Dallas Regional Science Fair, St. John's Episcopal School eighth-grade student Madeleine Ball went on to win Junior "Best of Fair" at the ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair held in San Antonio last month. Madeleine also won first grand prize in the life science category and was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In the lab, she's up to the test

After gaining a 3rd place in the Junior Biochemistry category at the Dallas Regional Science Fair, Anita Chandrahas, in the 8th grade at C M Rice Middle school in Plano, went on to win Grand Life Second prize at the Texas State Science Fair. Her project on "The Effect of Various Green Tea Components on Baker's Yeast" was researched to see the effect of three green tea extracts-caffeine, polyphenol #1, and polyphenol #2- on the number of Baker's yeast colonies when exposed to UV radiation. She found that caffeine extract had the greatest positive effect on the colony growth of yeast and could further be used as an antioxidant in humans to discourage the harmful effect of UV radiation.
8th grader Miguel Castillo of Harmony Science Academy in Dallas, who won Second prize in Junior Mathematical Sciences at the Dallas Regional Fair, went on to further success at the Texas State Science Fair, winning the Grand Physical Second Prize. His project entiltled "A Divisibility Rule Discovery" concerns ways to find factors of a certain number. He found a general divisibility rule for the numbers ending with 1, 3, 7, and 9.