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The newsletter is sent to alumni and friends of the department. It details the major events in the department in the previous year. The latest issue was sent in 2015.
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Master Physics Teacher Certificate
Up to 20 teachers teaching physics out of subject participate annually in this professional development program organized by the Physics Department. In response to the dearth of qualified physics teachers, this 3-module course aims to systematically enhance the physics content knowledge of established science teachers. Applications from teachers for future years participation are open at any time.
International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering (DIS2015)
SMU hosted the 2015 “International Workshop on Deep- Inelastic Scattering” (DIS2015) on the SMU campus. The DIS2015 meeting is the premier international workshop that brings experimentalists and theorists together to discuss the latest results in high energy particle physics. The workshop drew 250+ scientists from 30 countries across the globe. The website for the workshop is located at: DIS2015 Website These are precisely the events that will help SMU and Dallas grow in international prominence.
Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair
The scientific leaders of tomorrow are the students of today. The SMU Physics Department faculty promote those young future scientists through helping to organize the Dallas Regional Science & Engineering Fair, one of the largest science fairs in the United States.
This fair is held annually every February at Fair Park in Dallas and is open to all public and private schools in the area covered by TEA region 10.

SMU physics professor Ryszard Stroynowski, who participated in the discovery of the Higgs boson "God particle" that helps explain the "Big Bang" start of the universe, was the featured speaker at the Maguire Center for Ethics & Public Responsibility Public Scholar Lecture at SMU on April 4, 2013.

Mining for Dark Matter
Prof. Jodi Cooley and her research were recently profiled in a feature story on the local Dallas ABC affiliate, WFAA. Since airing on Nov. 24, 2010, this story has since been rebroadcast in other markets.
Mustang Physics - podcast
On this free monthly podcast, Prof. Stephen Sekula and co-hosts from the SMU physics community discuss the front lines of physics research and interview members of the department, guests of the department, alumni, and many others. This podcast is currently supported by a President's Partner's Grant from SMU.
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SMU Physics is a local center for this national program. DFW area high school physics teachers and students attend summer activities to learn about latest developments in physics, enhance their inquiry-based teaching and learning skills, and perform research in SMU's physics labs. Visit our SMU QuarkNet Website!
Physics Circus
From a fire-extinguisher rocket, to the jumping ring, the physics circus is here to inform while entertaining! For more information, see our SMU Physics Circus website.

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