Seminar Schedule for Fall 2006

Mon  4-Sep-06   Labor Day       
Mon 18-Sep-06  Ingo Schienbein: Top quark and the LHC    (SMU Host: Olness )
FRI 22-Sep-06  SPECIAL DATE: Rocky Kolb (Fermilab)
SUN 24-Sep-06  PUBLIC LECTURE: 7:30PM Rocky Kolb (Fermilab)
               Collins Executive Education Building, Crum Auditorium
Mon  2-Oct-06   Atlas Week      
Mon  9-Oct-06   Fall Break      
Mon 16-Oct-06   SPECIAL LUNCH SEMINAR: rescheduled
Mon 16-Oct-06   rescheduled
TUE 24-Oct-06  Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki (UTD) Cosmic acceleration: 
               A Dark Energy Component or a Signature of Modified Gravity at Cosmological Scale?
               (SMU Host: Olness)
               Note special day and location (Rm.119)
Mon 29-Oct-06  Atlas Trigger & Physics Week
Mon  6-Nov-06  Brett van de Sande (U. Pitt.) Andes: An intelligent homework helper for introductory physics
               (SMU Host: Dalley)
Tue 14-Nov-06  DOE Presentations
Mon 20-Nov-06  Faculty Meeting
Mon 27-Nov-06  Rabia Moussa (Ames Lab) Investigation of electromagnetic waves propagation through homogeneous
               and photonic crystals left-handed materials   (SMU Host: Olness)
Fri 01-Dec-06  CTEQ       (SMU Host: Olness)
Sat 02-Dec-06  CTEQ       (SMU Host: Olness)
Mon  4-Dec-06  Exams