Seminar Schedule for Spring 2003

Jan 27    MON Rich Baker (BNL)            ATLAS Grid computing

Feb 03    MON Alexander Mitov (Rochester) Top Quark Decay

Feb 17    MON Jing Jiang (Argonne)	Higgs Mechanism and Phenomenology  

Feb 24    MON Tom Farris (UC-Davis)	Searching for the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model at a Linear Collider

Mar 17    MON Shawn McKee (Michigan)   Networks/Grid in High Energy Physics (ppt)

Mar 24    MON Eyal Gilboa (Texas) The QCD Pomeron

Mar 28    *** FRIDAY 3pm ***  Julie Prast  (ATLAS) 
		  ATLAS Liquid Argon calorimeter read out and data processing using TI's DSP chip (ppt)

Mar 31    MON  Tibor Kucs (SUNY - Stony Brook)  event shape / energy flow correlations

			   Introduction to Drell-Yan
			   Fred Olness (SMU)

Apr 14    MON Greg Snow  (Nebraska) Cosmic Ray Observatory Project (CROP)

Apr 21    MON

Apr 28    MON

May 05    MON (Finals)