Seminar Schedule for Spring 2004

Jan 12   Mon   Robin Erbacher (Fermilab)    Top Quark Measurements Using Event Kinematics

Jan 15   Thu   Robert Kehoe (Michigan State)    Studies of the Top Quark at the Energy Frontier  

Jan 16   Fri   David Joffe (Northwestern)       Search for the 1P1 state of Charmonium at Fermilab E835
Jan 19   Mon   MLK Holiday
Feb 02   Mon   Jingbo Ye (SMU)    Leptons, Photon and Discoveries with ATLAS
Feb 09   Mon   Igor Volobouev (LBL)    Measurement of the Top Quark Mass at CDF
Feb 16   Mon   Dan Cronin-Hennessy (Rochester)    Inclusive B Physics: Spectra, Moments and CKM Matrix Elements    

Mar 01   Mon   Georg Steinbrueck (Columbia & Hamburg)    Physics with the D0 Detector in Run II 

Mar 08   Mon   Spring Break 
Apr 27   Tue   Last day of classes

May  3   Mon   Frank Wilczek    Hadron Systematics, Diquark Correlations, and Pentaquarks

May  5   Wed   SPECIAL SEMINAR: Time: 11:00am 

   Nobel Laureate and SMU Alum James Cronin
   Wednesday May 5th. FS Room 123. Time: 11:00am
   The Pierre Auger Observatory
   An International Facility to Study the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
May  7   Fri   Pavel Nadolsky    Factorization for transverse momentum distributions at hadron colliders
Jun 24   Thu   Anton Konychev (Indiana)    Large impact parameters in the transverse momentum resummation formalism