Seminar Schedule for Spring 2005

Jan 12 First Class  
Jan 17 Mon  Holiday: MLK Day
Jan 24 Mon  Liang Lu (SMU)     "Thesis work on ATLAS"
Jan 27 Thu  David Cline (UCLA) "Search for Dark Matter"      (SMU Host: Yongsheng)
Jan 31 Mon  Sven Heinemeyer (Cern) "Higgs Physics at LHC/ILC" (SMU Host: Berge)
Feb 07 Mon  Marlan Scully (Texas A&M) "The Quantum Eraser"   (SMU Host: Gary)
Feb 28 Mon  Soeren Wiesenfeldt (UIUC) "Proton Decay in Grand Unified Theories" (SMU Host: Berge)
Mar 07 Mon  Pierre van Baal (Leiden U.) "Composite structures of instantons"  (SMU Host: Gary)
Mar 14 Mon  Spring Break
Mar 28 Mon  Brad Cox (UVa) "CP Violation and the Neutral K System in the Scheme of Things" (SMU Host: Coan)
Apr 01 Fri  (SPECIAL EVENT) 7pm Room 119: QuarkNet/National Science Teachers Association (SMU Host: Olness)
Apr 04 Mon  Hanguo Wang (UCLA) "ZEPLIN Dark Matter Search Program" (SMU Host: Yongsheng)
Apr 06 Wed  Peter Renkel (SMU) "A Measurement of the Top Mass"   (SMU Host: Kehoe)
Apr 11 Mon  David Hitlin (Caltech) "The Discovery Potential of a Super B Factory" (SMU Host: Ryszard)
Apr 18 Mon  Boris Ermolaev (Ioffe Phys. Tech. Inst./CERN)
               "Polarized Deep Inelastic Scattering at small x" (SMU Host: Olness)
Apr 22 Fri  (SPECIAL DATE) Chris Quigg (FNAL) "The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics" (SMU Host: Olness)
Apr 25 Mon  (SPECIAL SEMINAR, 10:30am, room 25) Daniel Goldin (CERN)
               "Measuring the pionium lifetime and pion-pion scattering lengths
                with the DIRAC experiment at CERN." (SMU Host: Ye)
Apr 25 Mon  Jay Dittman (Baylor) 
               "Jet Physics at the Tevatron:  What's Hidden Beneath the Surface?"  (SMU Host: Olness)
Apr 28 Last Day of Classes
May 11 Wed (Special Student Meeting) Rm. 153 Heroy Hall 3:00-4:00pm 
           Professor Floyd Bloom, 2005 Distinguished Dedman Graduate