Seminar Schedule for Spring 2006

Jan 16 Mon  Holiday: MLK Day
Jan 17 First Class
Jan 23 Mon  Tom Weiler                            (SMU Host: Wick)
            "High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy"
Jan 26 Thu  SPECIAL: 8am Dept Mtg with RB
Jan 30 Mon  Jim Hartle (UCSB)                     (SMU Host: McCartor)
            "The Future of Gravity"

Feb 06 MON  Special public lecture: 
            Rm. 153 Heroy Hall (Adjacent to Fondren Science Building)
    7:00pm  Vitaliy Fadeyev (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)
            Imaging the Voices of the Past: 
            Using Physics to Restore Early Sound Recordings

Feb 06 Mon  Vitaliy Fadeyev (LBL)                 (SMU Host: Stroynowski/Olness)
Feb 13 Mon  Fred Olness (SMU)   W/Z/Higgs Production at LHC and PDF Uncertainties 
Feb 19 Mon  Atlas week 
Feb 27 Mon  Dept Meeting: Curriculum
Mar 06 Mon SPECIAL LUNCH SEMINAR: 12:noon Room 202:
            David Rainwater   "New models of EWSB"
Mar 06 Mon  David Rainwater   "LHC SUSY phenomenology beyond 2->2"  (SMU Host: Fred Olness)
Mar 13 Mon  Spring Break
Mar 20 Mon  Scott Hill (MCPHS) "Hold The Bus!
            Holding strategies for a bus-route model"     (SMU Host: Fred Olness)
Mar 27 Mon  Carlos Bertulani                      (SMU Host: Roberto Vega )
Apr 03 Mon  Barry Spurlock (UTA)                  (SMU Host: Olness)
            "A Remote Chance to Find Extra Dimensions"
Apr 10 Mon  Simon Dalley                          (SMU Host: McCartor )
            "SU(N -> infinity) lattice data and degrees of freedom of the QCD string"
Apr 17 Mon  Easter Monday                         (SMU Host: )
Apr 20 Thu  Stefan Berge (SMU)                    
            "q_t uncertainties in Drell-Yan W/Z boson 
            production at Hadron Colliders."
Apr 24 Mon  Dallas APS Meeting
May 01 Mon  Todd Adams (FSU)  Looking for Neutral, Long-Lived Particles at D0:
        In Search of the Unexplained
                    (SMU Host: Olness)
May 02 Last Class