Course Information (August 2016)

We will co-teach this course at SMU-in-Taos during August Term, 2016, and we are excited to to work with you as we explore the foundations of astronomy, looking at the Universe from the scale of our home planet, to the largest structures in the Universe, and all the way back toward the beginning of time. Please see the example material below for more information. You can look at some of our recent previous courses for examples of our teaching and organizational styles.


Fort Burgwin, Classroom 121, 08:30 - 12:00, Monday - Friday (Lecture first, followed by laboratory exercises)


PHYS 1311 Course Syllabus - for SMU-in-Taos Advertising Purposes Only (could change for the real course)

Textbooks and Laboratory Manuals

Required: Chaisson, Eric and McMillan, Steve. "Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe." 8th Edition. Pearson Education, Inc. 2016.

Required: Prather, Edward, Slater, Timothy, Adams, Jeffrey, and Brissenden, Gina. "Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy". Pearson Education, Inc. 3rd Edition. 2013.

Required:: Laboratory Manual for “Elements of Astronomy: PHYS 1311”. Available only through the SMU Bookstore.

DRAFT Written and Submitted Material Policy

PHYS 1311 Course Policy for Submitted Material: this document clearly outlines the required format of your written homework and in-class assignments, guidelines on writing clear solutions to problems, and guidelines on challenges to grading. The guidelines for answer quality and presentation apply to the exams as well, so please read these carefully and use the homework to practice.

General Information

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