Welcome to Bob Kehoe's Homepage


Associate Professor of Physics

  • Undergraduate: Earlham College, B.A.
  • Graduate: University of Notre Dame, Ph.D.
  • E-mail: kehoe@physics.smu.edu
  • Ext: (214)768-1793
  • Office: Room 113
    Fondren Science Building
    Department of Physics
    Southern Methodist University
    Dallas, TX 75275

My Research:

I have been interested primarily in understanding the physics that is manifest at the smallest distance scales, and the earliest times, in the universe. I pursue this primarily through two high energy physics experiments at the energy frontier:

  • ATLAS Experiment at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland (2004 --- Present)
  • D0 Experiment at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) in Chicago, Illinois (1992 --- present)
  • For a more complete discussion of my research, you can read here . My full list of publications is available at here (from SPIRES HEP database).

    My Teaching:

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