Wave-Particle Duality

My Teaching

My teaching interests are strongly in the direction of quantum mechanics and the nature of electromagnetic interactions. Electromagnetism stands at an important stage of the development of Physics as a science, giving in some sense our first modern understandings of nature. It set the stage for the development of relativity, and is the basis for an enormous body of our modern technology. Quantum mechanics represents a true paradigm shift not only in physics, but in our conception of the nature of our world. The concepts are sometimes bizarre, but are nevery boring. And Quantum mechanics is critical to many modern advances, and is integral to the topics I study in my research. Each of my courses in the last few years has had a strong element of quantum mechanics.


  • Spring 2014: Experimental Methods of Particle Physics (Physics 7361)
  • Fall 2011: Modern Physics (Physics 3305)
  • Fall 2008: Introductory Electricity and Magnetism (Physics 1304)
  • Spring 2006: Physics of the Dark (Physics 1301)
  • Undergraduate Research:

    I also work with many of my students, from first years to seniors, on research in either astrophysics or particle physics. Projects have included a search for stars rapidly varying in brightness, as well as contributing to the measurement of the top quark mass. Additionally, I serve as Coordinator for the Physics Department undergraduate research activities .