Gravitation and Dark Matter Prelab Assignment

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  1. ) The acceleration of a mass m due to Earth's gravitational force
    1. ) decreases at very high altitude
    2. ) is always 9.80 m/s
    3. ) increases at very high altitude
    4. ) is proportional to m

  2. ) Astronomers calculate the rotation speeds of stars in galaxies by measuring
    1. ) The speed of radio waves they emit
    2. ) The speed of visible light they emit
    3. ) The color of visible light they emit
    4. ) The gravitational force from other stars inside their orbital radius

  3. ) The rotation curve of planets around our Sun is different from stars around a galaxy's center because
    1. ) of the Dark Matter believed to be between the planets and the Sun
    2. ) Newton's gravity law does not apply to stars
    3. ) the centripetal acceleration of stars falls less rapidly with increasing orbital radius
    4. ) of the gravitational perturbation from unknown planets

  4. ) Han Solo's famous boast that the Millennium Falcon "made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs" is impressive because
    1. ) the Kessel Run is 59 light years in length and no one could make the run in less than 18 parsecs
    2. ) a parsec is the time it takes to travel the distance to the Sun (1 AU) while subtending a parallex of 1/3600 of a degree and 1 AU is about 8.3 light minutes.
    3. ) Han's boast is dimensionaly incorrect
    4. ) the Millennium Falcon can go "0.5 past light speed"

  5. ) In this lab we determine the stellar mass-to light ratio analytically.
    1. ) True
    2. ) False

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