PHYS 3340 Links and Downloads

Spring 2009

Last edit: 30 Mar '09

Relevant References (I use 'em)

Linux commands related

Linux Tutorial for Beginners
Linux Command cheat Sheet

C++ related:

C++ Tutorial
C++ Reference
make manual and make/makefiles tutorial

Plotting related:

gnuplot plotting package home page

Free software:

Cetus umbrella software site
Netlib Repository (mathematical softare, papers and databases)
Free software foundation homepage
Open Source software
Octave (MATLAB clone)
Scilab (another MATLAB clone)
(x)maxima (Computer algebra)

C++ libraries related:

Matpack numerical algorithms and visualization libraries
Useful C++ graphics library
gnu scientific libraries

On-line Journals and Reference Books:

Computers in Science and Engineering
Abramowitz and Stegun: Handbook of Mathematical Functions


How to package homework files for submission
HTML tutorial
Octave tutorial manual
MATLAB/Octave tutorial
Maxima tutorial
The Maxima Book
Top 500 Supercomputers

Starter code:

.tcshrc_3340 Copy this file to your home area and rename it! Source code to measure machine precision with single precision numbers. Source code to integrate via simpson's rule. Source code to seed and generate some random numbers. Source code from gsl libraries to seed and generate random numbers. Code to demo that summing up is not the same as summing down! (Summing down is slightly more accurate.) GSL code that uses the QAGS algorithm for integration. Quite a beauty. GSL code that uses a new random seed every time it is run to produce different sequence of random numbers for every execution.
gcomp Simple tc shell script for "gsl" compilation. Place in your ~/bin directory. glink Simple tc shell script for "gsl" linking. Place in your ~/bin directory. Gsl-based routine for computing numerical derivatives. Gsl-based routine for solving ODEs via 4th-order Runge-Kutta. Code to read/write data from/to file. Code to solve simultaneous pair of 2nd-order ODEs via RK4. Code to pass multiple parameters to a 2nd-order ODE. Code to demo the logistic map. Code to draw the fractal Barnsley's fern. Code to draw the fractal Sierpinski's gasket. Code for Newton-Raphson method for root finding. Code for bisection method for root finding. GSL code for root finding via Brent's method. Code for finding energy eignevalues for a square well. Code for ODE solution using the Numerov technique. Code to generate discrete samples for FT analysis. Discrete fourier transform. Inverse of discrete fourier transform. Fast fourier transform for real data using gsl routines. Inverse FFT using gsl routines. Code to sample square wave for DFT/FFT routines. kepler.m Octave function file for solving planetary motion.

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