Required References for Topics

If you wish to write a paper on one of the topics listed below, you MUST read the references listed with the topic. You will be penalized for ignoring critical references. Note that for any subject there will be many more references than these, but these are required.

  • Hoaxes: Schoen at Bell Labs; the Cottingley Fairies
  • Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?
  • Violation of Physics Law: Perpetual Motion Machines - Type 1 and Type 2; Free-Energy Devices; Over Unity Devices
  • Soviet Biology, Lysenkoism
  • The Crackpot Index, the Flat Earth Society
  • Did we really land on the Moon? Conspiracy theories.
  • Einstein's Special Relativity - a target for crackpots
  • Global Warming (We suggest that you avoid this topic unless you are will to read all these sources.)