Magnetic Dipole Moment Prelab Assignment

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  1. What is the definition of the north pole of a magnet? Bear in mind that you can not see little arrows on the magnetic field lines; they are a mathematical construct.
  2. In the model of the Earth's magnetic field, a giant bar magnet sits inside the Earth. Which end of the bar magnet is near the Earth's geographic North Pole? Explain your reasoning.
  3. Why was it stipulated that the amplitude of the magnet's oscillation be kept small (less than 20o)?
  4. Write the equation that you will be graphing in slope-intercept form and identify the ordinate, abscissa, slope, and y-intercept.
  5. What parameters do you need to calculate "C"?
  6. "I" is the moment of inertia of what object? What parameters do you need to calculate "I"?
  7. Why is it necessary to find the slope of your graph before you can determine the Earth's magnetic field?

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