I teach physics at Southern Methodist University. Below, you will find links to course pages.

Course Websites

  • PHY1010: Honors Phyiscs

    This is a supplementary course to the introductory sequence and can be taken concurrently with PHYS 1303, 1304, 1307 or 1308 to enhance the learning experience through engagement in a semester long grand challenge problem.

  • PHY1303: Introductory Mechanics

    This is the first semester of a calculus based introductory physics course designed for scientists and engineers.

  • PHY3305: Modern Physics

    This is the "gateway" to the physics major or minor, where students learn about relativity and quantum physics, with applications in atomic, nuclear, and particle physics.

  • PHY3368: Principles of Astrophysics and Cosmology

    This is an elective course for a physics major or minor where students learn about the standard model of comology, the cosmic microwave background, formation of nuclei and stucture, dark matter, and dark energy.