Fall 2018


PHYS 5382

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics



Instructor:  Dr. Simon Dalley

Office 207 Fondren Science. E-mail: sdalley@physics.smu.edu


Required Text: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (3rd Edition) by David J. Griffiths and Darrell F. Schroeter, ISBN-13: 978-1-107-18963-8. Other editions are OK provided you make the translation for problem numbering.

Classes: TTh, 3:30 pm-4:50 pm, 157 Fondren Science Building

Office Hour: M 2 - 3 pm, 207 Fondren Science Building



Practice tests

Videos and Images

Waves and Wavefunctions

Electron Double Slit Experiment

Standing wave PHET

Electron wave packet in ordered array of dopants

Diffraction from apertures compared to wavelength

Images of Spitzer (85 cm diam wavelength 3 - 160 microns) vs Hubble (2.4 m diam visible wavelengths)

Standing waves & Fourier Decomposition

Fourier series and waves

Superposition of waves

Beats (waves of 2 different frequencies added)


Solutions of Schrodinger in 1D


Specific Heat of Diamond (Quantum SHO vs. Classical models)

Free wave packet (moving), real part of wave function

Free wave packet (moving) as sum of harmonic waves

Wave packet at rest, real part of wave function

Wave packet at rest, probability density

2D electron momentum distribution (Gaussian) from photoelectron spectra

Tunnel effect, probability density

Wave packet incident on double barrier, real part of wave function

Surface studies with a scanning tunneling microscope

Wave Packet traverses finite square well, probability density

Ramsauer-Townsend Effect

Wave packet hits low upward potential step, probability density

Wave packet hits high upward potential step, probability density



          Stern-Gerlach experiment, electron spin has only 2 eigenvalues

            Actual image of Stern Gerlach experiment (they used silver atoms)

            Higgs decay to two photons illustrating time – energy (mass) uncertainty  


Solutions of Schrodinger in 3D


Visible light from Hydrogen is mix of these colors from transitions to n=2 Zeeman Effect - hydrogen spectra lines split in a magnetic field

Spectrum of Carbon Monoxide diatomic molecule (rigid rotator)


The meaning of it all

Schrodinger’s Cat (by Rebecca Moore)

Quantum Entanglement and the EPR Paradox

Bell's theorem