Fall 2017


PHYS 5382

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics


A study of the development of quantum mechanics and its role in atomic theory, including applications to one-dimensional problems, free particles, the hydrogen atom, and the spinning electron.


Instructor: Dr. Simon Dalley



Phone (214) 768-2109

Office 207 Fondren Science

E-mail: sdalley@physics.smu.edu


Required Text: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition) by David J. Griffiths ISBN-13: 978-0131118928 ISBN-10: 0131118927 Errata


Classes: TTh, 3:30 pm-4:50 pm, 127 Fondren Science Building

Office Hour: M 5 6 pm, 207 Fondren Science Building



Course Policies


Muddy Points

Final Exam

1 hr short conceptual questions on Chaps 1-3. Examples.

1 hr 15 min two problems on Chap 4

45 min - group problem on Chaps 5.1 & 5.2