Seminar Schedule for Spring 2007

Jan 12  Fri  (11am) Faculty Meeting: Rm.202
Jan 15  Mon   Holiday: MLK Day
Jan 22  Mon   Mark Neubauer(CDF/UCSD)  (SMU Host: Stroynowski)
              First Observation of WZ production and the search for ZZ at CDF

Jan 23  Tue   Zack Sullivan (Argonne) Special Grad Seminar (SMU Host: Olness)
Jan 29  Mon   Brendan Casey (D0/Brown)       (SMU Host: Stroynowski)
              Searching for New Physics in Beauty and Charm
Feb 5   Mon   Kevin Lannon (CDF/Ohio)     (SMU Host: Stroynowski)
              Search for New Phenomena in the CDF Top Quark Sample
Feb 12  Mon   Martin Schmaltz (BU)      (SMU Host: Olness/Kasmi)
Feb 19        President's Day 
Feb 26  Mon   Sasha Telnov (Babar/Princeton)   (SMU Host: Stroynowski)
              Observations of CP Violation in B meson decays 
Mar  1  Thu   Amir Farbin (ATLAS/CERN)     (SMU Host: Stroynowski)
              Path to Early SUSY Discovery at LHC
Mar  5  Mon   Michael Begel (D0/Rochester)     (SMU Host: Stroynowski)
              Top Physics at D0
Mar ??  ???   Peter Loch (Arizona) 
              SPECIAL DATE
Mar 12  Mon   SPRING BREAK 
Mar 19  Mon   SPECIAL LUNCH SEMINAR: 12:00-12:45 RM 202: Gerd J. Kunde (LANL)
Mar 19  Mon   Gerd J. Kunde (LANL)    The Quark Gluon Plasma at RHIC and LHC (SMU Host: Olness)
Mar 26  Mon   Raphael Galea (Columbia)  
              Development of Cryogenic Tracking Detectors for low-energy Solar Neutrinos
              PDF format, PPT format

Apr 2   Mon  (SMU Host: )
Apr 9   Mon   Easter Monday  
Apr 16  Mon   Jimmy Proudfoot (ANL)  
              The Soup of Calorimeter Cells, Jets, Vector Bosons and QCD at ATLAS (SMU Host: Goldin)
Apr 18  WED   5pm: Zack Sullivan (SMU/Argonne) 
              Understanding perturbative QCD through single-top-quark production
Apr 23  Mon         (SMU Host: )
Apr 30  Mon   Faculty Meeting
May  1   TUE last day of class 
May 7   Mon Finals 
TBA           Faculty Meeting
May 9   WED  11am  Youngheng Gao (SMU) Great Expectations and Challenges of the LHC Physics Program
May 14  Mon Finals