Spring 2010

Rm 202
4 pm
Month Day Note Presenter Title Host

19 Tue Jodi Cooley
New results from cold dark matter searches [pdf]
25 Mon SMU physics faculty
(multiple speakers)
Research at SMU Deparatment of Physics [slides]

1 Mon Sean Grullon
University of Wisconsin (Madison)
Searching for high-energy diffuse astrophysical muon neutrinos with IceCube [abstract] Cooley
2 Tue Rm 202
Aidan Randle-Conde
BaBar's answer to the fDs puzzle [abstract] S. Sekula
4 Thur Rm 202
Oleg Perevozchikov
University of Tennessee
Search for electron antineutrinos from the Sun with KamLAND detector [abstract] Cooley
8 Mon Joint colloquium
with SMU Dept.
of Earth Sciences
William McDonough
University of Maryland
Antineutrino detection: an interdisciplinary experiment at the boundaries of physics, astrophysics, geology and national security [abstract][ppt][more info] Coan
11 Thur Rm 202 SMU physics graduate students and postdocs [full list] APS practice talks
15 Mon Ana Firan
Magnetic monopoles at ATLAS

29 Mon Dennis Ugolini
Trinity University
News from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) [abstract][ppt] Cooley

5 Mon 12pm
Rm 202
Nguyen Quynh Lan
Hanoi Natl. U. of Education
Decaying dark matter, bulk viscosity, and dark energy [abstract][pdf][cv] Olness
5 Mon B. F. L. Ward
Baylor University
MC Realization of IR-Improved DGLAP-CS Parton Showers: HERWIRI1.031 [abstract][pdf] Olness
12 Mon Bernd Surrow
High-energy spin physics at STAR [abstract][pdf] Nadolsky
26 Mon Tomasz Skwarnicki
(Syracuse University)
Status and future of the LHCb experiment [abstract] Nadolsky

3 Mon Marusa Bradac
UC Davis
The Dark Side of the Universe [abstract][pdf] Cooley
6 Thur Silvia Scorza
Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lyon
First results of the EDELWEISS-II direct dark matter search experiment [abstract][pdf] Cooley
14 Fri
Rm 123 Saul Perlmutter
LBL/UC Berkeley
Special public lecture
Stalking dark energy and the mystery of the accelerating Universe