Beal Bank Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair


Warning! Experimentation with biological agents, even Biosafety Level-1 organisms, is prohibited in a home environment.

* Registration for Teachers

* Verify Registration Information

Students with an "OK" next to their names have been cross checked with the teacher registration; they are ready to go.

For students with a "VERIFY" next to their names, we need their teachers to go online and register their "missing" students; this ensures that the students listed are "approved" by their school.

TEACHERS: To "VERIFY" a student, please go to the Teacher Registration page and enter just the missing students; this form is read by a human so you can add notes.

NOTE: Individual and Team entries are in separate files. Team entries are sorted by the first member of the team.

Because of Spring Break, Verification from teachers will continue in the week begining March 12th.

The Verification Table itself cannot altered. It is updated by Science Fair staff based on new entries in the online registration pages.

* School Fee Form [MSWord format] [PDF format] 2007

* School Fee Information Letter [MSWord format] [PDF format] 2007

* Cover Letter to Science Fair Coordinators [PDF format] [HTML format] 2007

* Teacher Checklist [PDF format] [HTML format page 1, page 2] 2007

* Toyota Teacher Awards [PDF format] [HTML format] 2007

* ISEF Rules Wizard "When in doubt, fill out a form!" 2007

* ISEF Rules and Guidelines 2007

* Science Fair Rules 2007 (28 pages)

* All of the forms 2007 (14 pages)

* Student Handbook 2007 (4 pages)