CTEQ 2003 Summer School

Files are in finalize form: 3 June 2003

Drell-Yan Process: 2003 Summer School
Lectures by Fred Olness

All Lectures in 4-up format:   (PDF 4.9 M)
All Lectures in 1-up format:  (PDF 5.3 M)

Lecture 1: (PDF format 3.1M)  

Lecture 2: (PDF format 1.2M)  

Lecture 3: (PDF format 911K)  
For lecture 3, we will examine a NLO DY calculation. We will be using the notes from C.P. Yuan (beautifully typeset by Qing-Hong Cao), and supplement this with examples from FeynCalc and CompHEP

Lecture 3 Supplement: (PDF format 433K)  
These are some supplementary materials prepared for lecture 3.

Sample Computational Files
olness.tgz (gzipped-tar file: 224K)
This is a gzipped-tar file containing all the sample Mathemtica notebooks and CompHEP files demonstrated during the school.
Also, refer to the attached lecture, and Mathematica notebooks of FeynArts and FeynCalc sample calculations which are on the web at cteq.org under the Miscellaneous heading.

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