Seminar Schedule for Spring 2008

Month Day Presenter/Note Title

07 Mon
14 Mon
21 Mon - MLK Day University Holiday
22 Tues Baha Balantekin - Univ. of Wisconsin

Solar Neutrinos .pdf

28 Mon Sabine Lammers - D0

The Quest for the SM Higgs .pdf

29 Tues Brian Hannafious - New Mexico State

Transversity Distributions
of the Pion

04 Mon Benjamin Brau - CDF

Using Leptons and Bosons to
Search for New Physics at CDF .pdf

11 Mon
12 Tues 12:30pm Zoltan Nagy - CERN (Rm 202)

High Precision QCD
Tools for the LHC .pdf

18 Mon Richard Hill - FNAL

The Axial Anomaly and
Neutrino-Photon Interactions .pdf

19 Tues Vigdor Teplitz - NASA

Charges on Strange Quark
Nuggets in Space .pdf

20 Wed 5pm Barbara Jäger - KEK (Rm 202)

Vector Boson Fusion
- Approaching the (Yet) Unknown .pdf

25 Mon Alexander Mitov - Liverpool

Top Physics: A Window to the Terascale

28 Thurs 12:30pm Ruth Britto - Amsterdam (Rm 202)

The Simplicity of Scattering Amplitudes .pdf

03 Mon Pavel Nadolsky - Michigan State

From Partons to New Physics at
the Large Hadron Collider .pdf

05 Wed 12:00pm Enrico Lunghi - FNAL (Rm 202 (Live))

Light Charged Higgs at the
Beginning of the LHC Era .pdf

10 Mon Start of Spring Break, ends on the 15th.
17 Mon Isabelle Wingerter-Seez - Annecy


24 Mon
31 Mon

07 Mon
14 Mon
21 Mon Meenakshi Narain - Brown University

Particle Physics at a Cross-roads

28 Mon

05 Mon
12 Mon
19 Mon
26 Mon - Memorial Day University Holiday